Living in Boston

PIPS Living in Boston
This section provides information for newcomers settling in the Boston area including Boston neighborhoods, transportation, finding an Apartment, furnishing your home, shopping, childcare & school, identification & driver’s license, telephone & internet services, and Harvard privileges.

Welcome to Boston: A Guide for International Newcomers
Although this book is titled for internationals, it contains helpful information for all people new to the city of Boston, even if you are not new to the United States. Contact the CFDD for a free copy of this book. Some of the topics in this book include:

  • Important Documents
  • Finding a Place to Live
  • Traveling Around Town (transportation options in Boston)
  • Daily Life (includes laundry, the postal system, and weather)
  • Children (schools and child care)
  • Exploring Boston (includes libraries, sports, restaurants)
  • City of Boston Website
  • Boston Visitors’ Guide
  • Boston Events