Partners Office for International Professionals and Students (PIPS)
The PIPS provides immigration services to all professional international staff. Contact this office for information on various immigration issues, including: travel requirements, changes to visa categories, medical insurance, social security and green cards. The PIPS also provides an International Orientation for newly-arrived internationals. See the Checklist for Trainees and Faculty under the Getting Started section.

The CFDD’s Webpage for Internationals
The Office for Research Careers (ORC) offers information and resources for international research fellows here. Resources include an English as Second Language (ESL) Course.

Tax Information
All non-immigrant visa holders (H-1B, J-1, F-1, O-1 and TN) must file a US Income Tax Return even if they did not earn income from a US source. For information on US Income Tax Treaties and your payroll deductions, contact Roy Sheldon.

NPA’s International Postdoc Survival Guide
This guide from the National Postdoc Association draws on the experiences of current and former postdocs who have traveled to the US to do their postdoctoral training.

Interchange Institute
The Interchange Institute is a not-for-profit research organization that works to smooth intercultural transitions, with the mission of helping others understand us and coming to understand others.

Helpful publications from the Interchange Institute include:

Harvard Neighbors
A support group for international families to become acquainted with one another through a wide variety of cultural programs and events, family activities, and interest groups.