Resources for Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoc Policy
The Office for Research Careers has developed a set of Policies and Guidelines for Postdoctoral Fellows. This “Postdoc Policy” was implemented in 2010 by the BWH research community. See full text of the Postdoc Policy. The Postdoc Policy includes:

  • BWH Postdoctoral Fellow Definition
  • Harvard Medical School Appointments
  • Postdoctoral Fellow Responsibilities and Obligations Policy
  • Faculty Advisor Mentorship and Career Development Responsibilities and Obligations Policy
  • Extension to 5+ Years of Service – Policy and Process
  • Salary Scale Policy
  • Time-off Policy
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Problem Resolution – Policy and Process
  • Termination Policy
  • Instructions, Templates and Forms

For a full list of all policies, visit:

BWH Resources for Postdocs

BWH Postdoc Association and Postdoc Leadership Council
The Postdoc Leadership Council (PLC) members shape activities for postdocs at BWH in conjunction with the ORC, and provide feedback to the ORC on the needs of the postdoc community. The PLC serves as the leadership body for the BWH PDA. The BWH PDA manages the Postdoc Mentoring Circles Program and other social events. See website for more information. To become a member of the PLC, email your interest to

Committee Representation
ORC Advisory Committee
Postdocs and Faculty serve on the Advisory Committee which meets quarterly to provide oversight and direction to the ORC.

Research Oversight Committee (ROC)
The BRI is governed by the ROC, whose purpose is to assist in the decision making process for the research enterprise and plan new strategic initiatives. There are two postdoc representatives elected to the ROC to ensure that postdoc concerns are considered.

HMSShield HMS Office for Postdoctoral Fellows (OPF) 
The OPF actively assists postdoctoral fellows in obtaining the skills necessary to pursue both academic and non-traditional careers in science and beyond. See also the HMS Postdoctoral Fellows’ Manual and
 HMS Postdoc Events. The HMS OPF hosts social networking events each month.

HMSShield HMS Postdoctoral Association (HMS PDA) 
The HMS PDA is a volunteer member run organization dedicated to improving the postdoctoral experience for all fellows at HMS, HSDM, and the academic medical centers.


National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) Affiliate Membership
A non-profit organization that addresses the many issues confronting the national postdoctoral community through advocacy, resource development and community-building. All BWH postdocs qualify for a free affiliate membership in the NPA through BWH’s sustaining membership in the NPA.