More Resources for Researchers

BWH Innovation Hub (iHub)
A resource for Brigham clinicians, scientists, and employees to turn their concepts, inventions, and research into real products and services to benefit patients and enhance care delivery.

Brigham Research Institute (BRI)
Fosters groundbreaking, interdepartmental and interdisciplinary research within the BWH research community.

Research Connection Email Series
Sign up to receive information regarding your specific area(s) of research interest.

BRI Research Centers

BRIght Ideas
BWH Communications & Public Affairs wants to hear from you about your research. Sharing your BRIght Ideas will provide recognition for you and your team inside the BWH community and in the media to attract donors, industry partners, and scientific collaborators.

Center for Clinical Investigation (CCI)
Email: / Phone: (617) 732-8750
The CCI interfaces with Harvard Catalyst to provide expanded resources to investigators at all Harvard-affiliated institutions. The center’s multidisciplinary infrastructure provides access to an exceptionally
knowledgeable staff and coordinated programs to assist with every component of any given clinical research study, from translational to outcomes. Through the CCI, researchers may select the services they require based on their particular needs.

HMSShield  Harvard Catalyst (The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center) 
Enables collaboration of clinical and translational investigators from disparate disciplines and institutions through: Profiles, Consulting and Advice, Education and Training Courses, and Funding—specifically grant writing training/tools and pilot grants.

HMSShield  HMS Research Imaging Solutions (RIS) 
Works to identify ways to streamline image preparation so researchers can maximize their time at the bench, writing grants and developing discoveries. RIS offers web-based assistance through seminars, workshops and printed training materials that guide faculty, students, postdocs and lab personnel on supported imaging hardware and software products.

HMSShield  HMS Office of the Dean 

  • Conflict of Interest (HMS policy)
  • Authorship
  • Guidelines for investigators
  • Faculty and Research Misconduct (HMS policy)

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
RCR training is required of students, trainees, and investigators with career development awards who are supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funds. The National Science Foundation (NSF) requires RCR training of undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral fellow with any NS